The Last Lecture ~ Randy Pausch:     This is a very easy to read book.  Randy Pausch writes as if he is talking to you and is a great story teller.  His chapters are very short, some are only three to four pages.  His book makes you think about your own life and how you are living it.  It made me think about how I treat other people, how I live my life, am I regretting more than living?  The Last Lecture is also a very poignant story about Randy Pausch and his family, the ones he loves and knows he has to leave behind.  It is sad, but the story is one full of hope and life.  Funny, witty, simple, and intelligent.  A great read!

You can also watch Randy Pausch deliver his “Last Lecture” at Carnegie Mellon University on September 18, 2007:

But go read the book too.   =)