The Shack ~ William P. Young.The Shack ~ William P. Young:     A beautiful story about a broken man meeting the Holy Trinity face-to-face on Earth.  It is as life altering for the reader as it is for the main character, Mack.  Papa is God, Sarayu is the Holy Spirit, and Jesus is Jesus.  You MUST go out and get this book and read it; it is a book you will want to read over and over.  Whether you believe there is a God or not, this story is ravishing and captivating.

“Remember this, humans are not defined by their limitations, but by the intentions that I have for them; not by what they seem to be, but by everything it means to be created in my image.” ~ Papa, in The Shack.

This is one of my absolute favorite books.  It will make you laugh and sob.  It will make you feel so small, yet so big in the hands of God.  I don’t want to give anything away because this book is one that you have to experience for yourself.