Over the years I have always enjoyed reading.  Genres evolving from The Berenstein Bears collection to the Sweet Valley series to Lurlene McDaniel books to the present (which can include anything from Children’s Books to Adult Fiction or Non-Fiction.)  My bookshelf has always been full and overloaded, and I hope to one day have a large room devoted to books in my house.  And if that can’t happen, maybe I could move into Borders or Barnes&Noble.

I look at the youth around me today, and it saddens me that so many are reading at below their grade level.  Why is this happening?  What can we do about it?  Ask an adolescent what his/her favorite book is, and too often they say, “I don’t have one,” or “I don’t like to read.”  Hearts break everytime.  Reading offers a great many things.  Books can be educational, an escape, a counselor, a joyful laugh, a soap opera, a challenge, a romance, a guide, and so much more.

Find a book you like and tell me about it, recommendations are always welcome.  Or leave me comments about why you liked (or disliked) a book I wrote about.  I would love to hear your insight!

Most of all, please enjoy reading.  Whether it be a book by the wonderful Mo Willems or something deep, and soul-searching such as Captivating, by John and Stasi Eldredge.  Doesn’t matter.  Just read!